Let's talk about Cancer shall we?

The 4th of December began like all others, until the realisation that our Cervical Cancer benefit was that night and there was a list as long as your arm to get cracking on with. The pre event angst kicked in and we all had the same fears – What if people don’t show up? What if we don’t raise enough money? More importantly, what if our message isn’t heard. As the hours flew by, all the prep was done and it was time! Our Cervical Cancer Benefit Night at Bar Titania had begun.

The sensational host LoUis CYfer kicked off the night with a few sassy remarks followed by introducing Rachel Mann from Stonewall. Rachel, despite some nerves delivered an informative talk about all the fantastic work that Stonewall do and how the money raised would be used. Following Rachel, we were delighted to have Claire from the Orange Clinic who spoke about Cervical Cancer itself. Little is known about Cervical Cancer, however with her powerful delivery and edifying script we all felt better educated.

As the night progressed and drinks flowed, the purpose of the night continued to resonate among the patrons.

Both the auction and the raffle were brilliantly fun and helped us to raise even more money for the charities. The biggest seller being the personalised Amy Winehouse Gold disk that sold for an impressive £250. Thank you Tom!

Although the night is over now we are still getting girls in the bar and through social media telling us that due to our efforts they’ve booked their smear tests and stopped ignoring the reminder letters. This is why we did all of this. We want the girls in our community to be happy and healthy. We know sometimes a little kick is needed, and this certainly was one.

We are continuing with our fundraising efforts. The Titania Girl Calendars are at the bar for purchase. Only £7.50, with £5 going to charity and £2.50 toward the £3.50 printing costs.

However, today whilst trawling through Bar Titania’s Facebook page this morning I came across a link shared by one of our friends. A heart wrenching story of 23 year old Sorcha Glenn who passed away 17 days after being diagnosed with terminal Cervical Cancer.

“Sorcha first visited her GP surgery in June 2013 to ask for an early smear test after being worried about her family history of cervical cancer. But she was refused because she was under the age of 25.” (mirror.co.uk)

Having just had our Cervical Cancer benefit night it saddens us to know that medical professionals are refusing young ladies to get their smear tests earlier than the UK standard age of 25. There’s an ever increasing number of teenage pregnancies and reports of teenagers contracting SDI’s, so why does it seem that when it comes to the dreaded  big C, things are treated more cavalierly? One would assume the age of receiving a smear test would be on par with the age of consent – however this is unfortunately not the case.

Sorcha Glenn’s life may have been saved if she had been granted a smear test. As too with Jess Evans (died at age 22) and Sophie Jones (died at age 19).

I’ve always been told that prevention is better than cure (my first defense nasal spray is always at hand the moment I begin to feel a little under the weather), so why is it so different when it comes to Cancer? Is it a matter of cost? Bar Titania’s stand is that life is of far greater value and are thus supporting various campaigns that look to get the age of receiving a smear test lowered.

We’ve signed the petition to lower the age to 16, and so can you by going to http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/62385