Coming out to my family by Anna Georgina Georgiou.

So here is my story! I was born in February 1969, and I am the 2nd youngest of 5 siblings. With one brother and three sisters we are a small part of very large extended family of the Greek Cypriot community.

I went to school in North London which I found very hard as I got bullied on a lot which wasn't a nice thing to go through, however as the years went on the bullying got a little better. However, in 1982 I immigrated to Canada with my family but leaving my 2 older sisters behind (they joined us later on but found that it wasn’t for them so they returned back to England).

I learnt a lot over there after having a Video Store called Video Unlimited and my mother’s Bridal Shop for many years. Canada is lovely place to live in with lots of places to see, however things didn’t work out with the dynamics of the family so in 1993 my mother, sisters and I decided to start over. We returned with nothing and had to being making a life for ourselves all over again; however, being back with the family was the best thing for all of us.


Coming out to my family was too hard in the earlier stages and so I had to date girls secretly. However, in the year 2000 my hand was forced when my cousin saw me in Soho. I feared she’d gossip so decided to come out to my sisters and brother.  With fear of their reaction I was relieved to hear that they had always known and that it was about time I had come out.

Coming out to my mother was harder. A few years after her heart operation I bit the bullet and came out to her as well. Her response was no like that of my siblings. She could not except that her daughter was gay and refused to look to me let alone speak to me. With this going on, my siblings thought it best to sit with her and talk – I was and always will be her flesh and blood and nothing was going to change that. The whole situation made me very upset and I felt extremely low. I soon picked myself up and “went wild in Soho”; met new people, made new friends and began working there. It was amazing and still to this date I enjoy it. P.S. I’m single!

That’s my story and I can honestly say, I am a proud gay woman.