Back in May 2013, a lifestyle journalist by the name of Keith-Barker Main-then a regular contributor for The Metro Newspaper, wrote a rather disparaging review regarding a new bar that had opened for business on the Charing Cross Road.

In explicit detail, Main described the bars themed decor-which included a large wall mural, in less than flattering terms, before recounting an outside space that, "overlooked a fume-chocked, charmless Charing Cross Road. 

Ending his critique as it had begun, Main concluded..."If you reckon Titania's Liberace-lite pose will pull in the punters in their gazillions, then you might be away with the fairies."  

The bar in question, was of course the venue you now know as Titania Soho.

Since those halcyon days, we have continued to grow from strength to strength, flourishing into one of the most magical places we know, and one that we are proud to call home. 

We've had praise and recommendations from a number of top-rated publications--including QX Magazine-and it's all thanks to you and the many artists, past and present, who have graced us with their indelible charm and talent.

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Queen Titania-a proud and forceful creative, has truly helped blessed us all!

If you are joining us for our 2nd birthday celebratory party, we cannot wait to see you.

But if you cannot attend, for whatever reason, why not click on the links below to read the reviews we mentioned previously to to see how far we have come! 


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 Come down and celebrate with us!  

Come down and celebrate with us!