Basic Guide To Lesbian Terminology

Being a lesbian isn’t easy, especially when there is a constant increase in ‘lesbian words and terminology’. This is a very basic and simple guide to the most popular terms used by and about lesbians. Being an old bird with terrible memory, I have mine laminated and in my wallet as a point of reference.

Androgynous – A lesbian who is neither masculine nor feminine in appearance or behaviour.

Baby Dyke – A young and new to being a lesbian, lesbian. Predominately under the age of 25.

Bicurious – A typically straight woman who has expressed an interest into the same sex. Usually very intrigued by the idea of sleeping with another woman, and may have the odd ‘experimental’ experiences.

Bisexual – Simply a girl (or guy) that swings both ways. Hey, it’s not greedy – it’s just the inability to pick a side (I jest)!    

Bull Dyke – Refers to the most masculine of Butch lesbians.

Butch – A masculine lesbian. Often opting for a more masculine approach to style.

Chapstick Lesbian – A lesbian that is somewhat of a tomboy. They tend not to fit into the extremes of the stud or femme descriptions, but rather a blend of the two.

Diesel Dyke – Another term similar to Bull Dyke – A truck driving, short back and sides kind of lesbian.

Drag King – A woman who dresses to look like a man, usually for performance. Most drag kings are lesbian, however not all.

Dyke – A less feminine term for a lesbian. Originates from the Celtic language or possibly from the slang word ‘dike’ used in the nineteenth century, which means male clothing. Often taken to be offensive when uttered by our straight counterparts, although widely accepted within the lesbian community.

Dykon – A lesbian icon, usually a celebrity such as Ellen Degeneres

Femme – A feminine lesbian.

Granola Lesbian – A lesbian who is usually vagetar.. Sorry VEGetarian or vegan and who is either New Age or Neopagan. Thought to be at one with Mother Nature and rumoured to like a good pair of Birkenstocks.

Gaysian – An Asian Lesbian.

Glamour Butch – A butch lesbian that like to dress in fine suits and tuxedos.

Gold-star Lesbian – A lesbian that has never had or intends to have sex with a man. Oh so hard to find – but what a find.

Hasbian – A term used for a woman who previously identified as a lesbian but now dates men.

Lesbian – Just in case you weren’t sure. A woman who is sexually and emotionally attracted to other women.

Lesbian Bed Death – Invented by sex researcher Pepper Schwartz to describe the supposedly inevitable diminishment of sexual passion (and activity) in a long term lesbian relationship.

Lipstick Lesbian – A lesbian that exhibits very feminine qualities. Loves all things feminine - clothes, make-up and shoes.

LP (Lesbian Potential) – Used in ‘spot the gay’ scenarios in public places, i.e. “She’s got high LP”.

Pillow Princess (or Queen) – A woman who likes to receive sexually but is uninterested or unwilling to reciprocate.

Serial Monogamist – A lesbian that jumps from relationship to relationship (usually exclusive but short term).

Soft Butch – A lesbian whose appearance tends to be on the butch side but is softer and more feminine in nature. Can also be used to refer to a lesbian that is in between “Butch” and “Femme”, but usually closer to the Butch side.

Stem – A lesbian who is somewhere in between “stud” and “Femme”.

Stud – A lesbian who exhibits dominate behaviour. Tends to be butch. What some ill-informed individuals would refer to as “the man”.

Strum Queen – A lesbian that likes to masturbate in front of other lesbians.

Switch – A lesbian (or otherwise) who acts as both a submissive and a dominant – switching back and forth between the two. Predominantly used in sexual terms.

U-Haul Lesbian – A lesbian who tends to move in fairly quickly with those she dates. Can you say cats?


Missed any? Let me know. Feel free to comment.