Not At Bar Titania

It has come to light recently that one of our customers was a victim of what can only be described as a hate crime. Upon heading to the lavatories, a gay man was verbally abused and slapped by a female customer. Having been called a “Queer” and told that he didn’t belong at Bar Titania, let it be known that we WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!!!

For the woman who committed this heinous act. You are the one that is not welcome! How dare you come into our house and tell our customers who belongs and doesn’t. Bar Titania is a Women AND Guests bar. We pride ourselves on not discriminating regardless of sexuality, race, ethnicity, age, colour or creed! Had you been reported on the night of the incident, you would have been prosecuted! Anyone found to be aggressive, violent or discriminative WILL feel the full force of the law and will no longer be welcome at Bar Titania.

We as a community face hardship and prejudices on a regular basis for being proud of whom we are. We’ve fought for rights and for our voices to be heard. We’ve fought to live in a society whereby we are no different to our straight counterparts. All this but yet there are still those in the community who continue to be bigoted and callous. It’s time for a change.

Bar Titania will not stand for it, the community won’t stand for it! Bar Titania is a safe environment to meet, drink and have a good time. It is not a place to harass or pass judgement on anyone!

#LGBTcheers #BarTitania #communityspirit #saveoursoho