Anna - Pinx Security Limited and Bar Titania


Pinx Security Limited was founded in 2011 by Anna Georgiou after years of experience working with major security companies in the licensed trade and security industry. The decision to set up the business was based on first-hand experience of shortfalls in an industry which had become saturated with companies who continuously failed to meet the needs of customers and promised a service that couldn’t be delivered.

The business is growing, providing security operatives to pubs and clubs, film premiers, high profile corporate functions, large prestigious spectator events and academic institutions. Pinx Security Limited has played a key role in some spectator events and gained valuable experience in the planning and operational side of a variety of projects.

Pinx Security Limited pride ourselves on quality of staff, attention to detail and the customer service that we provide and have achieved for our Door Supervision, Security Guarding and Key Holding and Close Protection in the Private Security Sector by SIA

So, this is my story of how it all began and how I started out working. I started security work in 1995, working as a Steward in various venues in London (mainly the gay scene) and also had a day job in retail which was kind of fun at the time. As the years went by I started doing various training in Event management, Health and Safety, Fire Safety, First Aid, Personal Security and started Stewarding with Pride London and Various Prides so at this point I decided to do my training to become Security. So I did my training (at RST I believe they are the best trainers, so for those who have read my blog interested in a career in security I’d suggest you go for it)

I passed with flying colours. It’s all about having common sense and up skilling! I was working through my local council at the time which was good as I learnt as I went trained. The first place I worked at was the small venue Mars next to Astoria. I then went onto work at Drill Hall when they did showcases.  In 2001 they introduce SIA (Security Industry Authority) which was run by the Government. You did your training through them and paid a license fee every 3 years. There are various routes to get a license, but be careful; a lot of them have been found to be cowboys.

In 2011 I decided to set up a Security Company through Companies House and called it Pinx Security Limited, slowly building it up and taking on and training staff.

I was working at various venues in Soho and Camden for a few years and then did some events in Hyde Park and Victoria Park as well as various others across the country and abroad. It was fun. I was recommended for the job at Bar Titania through a friend of mine, Bev (I’m thankful). She told me that a friend of hers is looking for a Full Time Security Person for a New Bar Opening in Soho called Bar Titania, so Bev gave me the number of a Dominic Gibson. I called him up and arranged for a meeting with Dominic and his mother, and the owner of Bar Titania Odette Gibson. I was a bit nervous at the time but took a deep breath and told them that I’d done this before for a number of years. We had a good chat and I told them that I was able to handle difficult people and knew how to remove them from the venue without the use of force. They saw something in me I guessed and was given the job. Just before the opening I helped with the set up of the bar before it became Bar Titania, a whole month painting, cleaning and getting ready for the big opening. All went well, with lots of Press and other bar owners coming to see the new bar. As months went by I learnt more about the venue and the change of Bar Titania Women’s and Guests Bar and it felt good. It’s all about looking after the venue, the owners, management teams, staff and their customers.

Working the doors and keeping people safe can be a hard job but I always give my best. This job isn’t just about wearing a badge; it’s about personal safety and venue safety.

* Venue

* Owners

* Staff and Customers

* Vigilant and Safety

* Updating Training

* Licensing and Emergency Services

I will say this - I’m proud that I’m working with the best people I’ve met so far (the owners, management, bar staff , PAS and Marketing Managers), and I’m proud to be a part of It all! We work together as a team and a Titania Family if you will. I’ve met some lovely people on the way. Thank you.

If anyone wants any advice please feel free to ask me.