We want to thank you all

With the night well and truly over, we wanted to say a few words and thank a whole variety of people that helped and made the Cervical Charity Benefit night on the 4th December possible. Having had just a few months to organise and put together the night, we couldn’t have done it without the help of all you lovely people who volunteered, donated and got your hands dirty on the night. As a still relatively new bar we are honoured to be supported by so many outstanding individuals within the community, lesbian or otherwise. We are proud to have you in our little Bar Titania family.

First to our fantastic host Mr LoUis CYfer. You did a stand up job and really put the fun in fundraising. You certainly know how to rile up a crowd and we can’t wait for your next appearance at Bar Titania on 20th December.  

A massive thank you to Cate Blanchard who provided the brilliant visuals on the night. We look forward to having you on board in our future ventures.

To Aamyko and Chris Royal. Thank you for donating your time to perform on the night. Aamyko, one of our resident DJ’s always plays the most uplifting and fresh sounds, and the 4th was no different. We love you, your music and your unique style. We will be seeing you soon. Chris Royal, a finalist from the TV show The Voice never fails to make us all swoon with his soulful voice. You sing as you are; an angel.

To the beautiful and busty Zoe Howe. Without you our raffle sales would surely have taken a hit and who better to be LoUis CYfer’s “show girl” during the auction. Furthermore, without you we would not have had our biggest seller of the night, the Amy Winehouse Gold Disk. Please do pass on our kindest regards and thanks to your brother and Island records.

To the Stonewall ladies Rachel Mann, Lori Ellis and Lisa Davies; thank you so much for your help on the night. We really appreciate all the support you’ve given us leading up to the event. Rachel, you did a fantastic job speaking on the night and we are all proud to be helping Stonewall. A big thank you for bringing in Claire from the Orange Clinic as well. Claire, you helped us all to better understand the importance of Cervical screening and that it’s such an easy and quick process. We are already hearing of girls who are booking in their smear tests.

A huge thank you to photographer Celine Marie who gave up her time to take snaps of the night. Her work from the night can be seen on this website, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

To Michael Cowell from the Blue Post – your food was spectacular and went down a treat. The Thai Green Curry was the best I’ve ever had!

To all the donors – Without your kind and generous donations, this night wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you and rest assured that any items that weren’t sold on the night will be in our next auction next year.

Sham Riley & The Butch Clothing Company, Cate Blanchard, Michael Cowell & The Blue Post, Klara & Barberette, Celine Marie, DJ Lady Lola, Dan Vinni & Pyramid Martial Arts, The Andover Arms, Anna Georgiou & Pinx Security, Suzie Pinder, Marcio Soares, Layla Manoochehri & Sony Music, Irreverent Dance, Stacie Lidgate & abOUT App, Yasmin Ollive, Shaz & LK Bennett, Tailored Framing, Zoe Howe and Darcus Beese of Island Records, The Earl Derby and Collin Bilik.

And to all the other donors that gave anonymously or who aren’t mentioned above, THANK YOU.

To our sponsors Pussy Drinks. Thank you for all your support and thank you to Amanda Wenban who has been a delight to work with.

Thank you to Jo’s cervical Cancer Trust and Elisabeth Schuetz who aided us with the survivor stories.

To our wonderful girls (The Tit Girls) in and around the bar – We know it’s been bit crazy and we are so thankful that you all got stuck in and helped (Amber, Sara, Sandra, Elaine, Sam, Malayka, Tameika, Davina, Anna, Jo, and last but by no means least the honouree Tit girl and manager Dominic Gibson). Thanks to Caroline “Frenchie” Charrott for helping out in the cloak room and Kayleigh Lloyd for coming in early to lend a hand. Special thanks to Grant and Alan for getting the upstairs looking so beautiful and donating a beautiful piece for the auction.

Lastly, thank you to owner Odette Gibson. Without you this would not have been possible. You care about the community with such passion and benevolence. You certainly are the Queen of the fairies.

And remember to buy your Titania Girls 2015 calendar. Available at Bar Titania. £5 of the sale goes to the charities.

All the best & with Love

Laila Gassmann xxx


The butch clothing company – www.thebutchclothingcompany.co.uk

Celine Marie – www.celinemariephotography.com

DJ Lady Lola – www.facebook.com/LADYLOLAMUSIC

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Pussy Drinks – www.pussydrinks.com

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust – www.jostrust.co.uk

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The Andover Arms – www.theandoverarms.com

Aamyko Iddiols - www.aamyko.com

Chris Royal - www.twitter.com/chris_royal

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