The Queen Of The Fairies Says Get Tested!!

Bar Titania women and guest Bar in London’s trendy Soho are hosting a benefit onthe 4thDecember 2014 that aims to raise money and awareness in aid of cervical cancer and the importance of screening within the LGBT community specifically targeting gay women.

Lesbians and bisexual women are as likely as their heterosexual counterpart to develop cervical cancer, yet are up to a staggering 10 times less likely to undergo regular screening for the disease. Cervical cancer was once one of the most deadly female cancers, however with early detection through regular screening it has now transformed into the most preventable female cancer. Despite this, due to low rates of regular screening, lesbians and bisexual women have become a priority group for cervical cancer control.

As London’s only female run Women’s bar we take woman’s health seriously, especially when it appears that our community is somewhat misinformed about the risks and preventative measures that are readily available but ignored. Bar Titania’s urgency to get the right information across occurred when owner Odette Gibson heard a young gay woman speak of the impossibilities of gay woman getting cervical cancer. For us, the belief that cervical cancer; or any cancer for that matter is sexuality specific terrifies us to our very core.

So came about the beginning of Bar Titania’s campaign to alter misconception. Webegan with a calendar to kick off our fundraising campaign. Twelve months ofdiverse women bearing the cervical cancer ribbon t-shirts and the “Your fairysays get tested” slogan. £5 from the sale of the calendar’s goes directly to Stonewall and Jo’s cervical cancer trust, with the remaining £2.50 being used for printing costs. Everything we’re doing is not for profit. 

Our main event is the benefit to take place at Bar Titania on 4th December 2014 from6:30pm. On the night we will show case some of the communities  many talented performers, guest appearances’from LoUis CYfer and a talk from a leading authority in cervical cancer, aswell as holding an auction were we have already seen spectacular support and donations from businesses and individuals in and out of the LGBT community.With items such as a personalised photoshoot, accessories from the butch clothing company and even a personalised Amy Winehouse gold disk from Island Records.  This auction is sure to have something foreveryone. All proceeds from the auction will be given to Stonewall and Jo’scervical cancer trust.

Weare pleased to have the support of Stonewall and Jo’s cervical cancer trust aswell as being sponsored by Pussy Drinks.

“If one girl gets screened then our efforts are all worthwhile. With women’s health issues being as unspoken about as it is, we don’t want women dying of embarrassment. Getting tested is quick, easy and there’s no shame in it”. – Odette Gibson, Owner of Bar Titania

‘Pussy Drinks are proud to be supporting Bar Titania’s event in aid of raising awareness of Cervical Cancer. We are a brand named in confidence and want to support women in being confident about making the decision to get checked.’  -  Amanda Wenban, Marketing Director, Pussy Drinks.